Black & White Juried Exhibition at BWAC | July 29

BWAC’s third BLACK & WHITE national juried art show opens July 29, 2017.  We are privileged to have another of NY’s art elite as our juror, Alison Hokanson, Assistant Curator of European Paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

We bathe in the beauty of color and spin thousands of words describing the experience that the cone cells transmit to our brain.  In reality, they are not nearly as numerous as our rods, the cells that register light and dark, the black and white of our experience.  Our rods are less articulated in language; fewer words are generated to describe that experience.  Black and white is primal, the underneath, the foundation, of the opuce of color; black and white is where we register motion and, when the cones do not have sufficient light, our rods optimize our survival in the night woods.

BLACK & WHITE explores this underground of survival and few words